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The official website, Facebook page and Twitter page of the Coconino County Sheriff's Office in Arizona is a Limited Public Forum created to provide our citizens and users access to information about our agency. We encourage two-way communication between our agency and the public we serve. These pages are monitored by the Community Programs Unit of the Coconino County Sheriff's Office. These pages are NOT monitored 24/7. Before messaging us or posting on our pages, please review these terms. A posting on these pages constitutes acceptance of these terms. Do not use theses page to report a crime.

To report a crime or suspicious activity dial our Dispatch at 911 if it is an emergency and at 1-800-338-7888 / 928-774-4523 and select option 1 for non-emergencies.  

If you post information related to a crime on these page, you may be placing yourself in the position of becoming a witness to a crime and subject yourself to subpoena.

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