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2023 Teacher of the Year Nomination Form


    Please submit this nomination form and additional one-page signed letter by September 15, 2022.

    Please ensure the individual being nominated meets all requirements found here.

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  5. INSTRUCTIONS FOR TOY/RTOY NOMINATIONS: On a separate of paper, please write a one-page letter describing why you believe the above teacher is deserving of the 2022-23 Coconino County Teacher of the Year and/or Rookie Teacher of the Year award. This letter must be signed. The nomination letter should address three of the attributes of an outstanding teacher listed below that the nominee possesses, supported with specific examples.

    • Demonstrates exemplary qualities in the classroom
    • Respected by colleagues and administrators
    • Innovative, creative, and enthusiastic
    • Pursues professional enrichment and intellectual growth
    • Involved in extracurricular activities within the school or district
    • Makes outstanding contributions and/or volunteers for leadership roles
    • Willingly shares knowledge and expertise with others. 
  6. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: On a separate sheet of paper, please write a one-page letter describing why you believe this individual is deserving of the 2022-23 Coconino County Lifetime Achievement Award. This letter must be signed and include your examples and reasons how the nominated individual possesses qualities in the area of leadership, teaching and/or service. Please note the County educator must exhibit a lifetime (20+ years) of achievement in K-12 education.

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