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Site Plan Requirements

  1. Instructions

    Please submit this form with a Building/Civil Permit Application. This form serves as a guide for applicants to ensure site plans include all the necessary information. All checked site plan elements must be shown on the proposed site plan to be submitted. Please note required elements. Site plan must be drawn to engineer scale (1” = 10’, 1” = 20’, 1” = 30’, 1” = 40’, 1” = 50’, 1” =60').

  2. North Arrow*

    North arrow should be oriented up or to the right.

  3. Primary Street, Cross Street, and Driveway Location*

    Primary Street, cross street, and driveway location (Indicate driveway material, width, and culvert diameter)

  4. Easements or Other Recordings for the Property*

  5. Proposed Utility Locations

    Electric, gas, water, sewer, septic (where applicable)

  6. Site Dimensions on Site Plan*

    Show all dimensions of property lines.

  7. Home Owner Association Requirements

    Please verify CC&Rs and HOA restrictions.

  8. All Proposed and Existing Structures*

    Indicate setback distances between structures and distances to all property lines.

  9. Fences, Retaining Walls, Accessory Structures, etc.*

    Walls retaining 4' or more need to be engineered if separate from the building structure.

  10. Streams, Creeks, Washes, or Other Bodies of Water*

    Include floodplain boundaries on the parcel, if known.

  11. Topographic Information

    Include direction of flow, and high and low points on property. Provide contour lines at 2' intervals if the parcel has slopes exceeding 10%.

  12. Storm Drainage*

    Include proposed drainage pattern away from proposed structure(s).

  13. Location of Septic Tank and Drain Field

    Location of Septic Tank and Drain Field, if applicable

  14. Location of Water Well, Proposed or Existing

    Location of Water Well, proposed or existing, if applicable

  15. Distances Between All Proposed and Existing Structures*

    There is a 5' minimum distance required between all structures.

  16. Location of Gas Storage Tank(s)

    Location of gas storage tank(s), if applicable (Distance of proposed tank(s) from property lines and structures)

  17. Example Site Plan
    Example Site Plan Graphic

  18. Additional Information:

    1. Accessory structures that exceed 3000 square feet shall require a Conditional Use Permit

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