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Community Development

  1. Bellemont Area Plan Update - Submit Your Comments!

    Please submit your comments on the draft Bellemont Area Plan.

  2. Clean-a-Stream Planner

    This survey will help determine the optimal time for the clean-a-stream day.

  3. Conventional Septic System Application (Residential)

    Conventional Septic System Application (Residential): Includes the following reference material: Procedures for Obtaining a Permit, a... More…

  4. Report a Flood
  5. Request for Disclosable Public Records
  6. Site Plan Requirements

    Please submit this form with a Building/Civil Permit Application. This form serves as a guide for applicants to ensure site plans... More…

  7. Sustainable Building Project Application

    Project Application Form for Sustainable Building

  1. Building & Civil Permit Application

    This form applies for Building and Civil (Grading and Encroachment) permits.

  2. Community Development Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Community Development Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

  3. Pre-Application Meeting Survey

    Customer satisfaction survey for attendees of the Pre-Application meeting in Community Development

  4. Request a Floodplain Status Report
  5. Request for LiDAR Data

    This form is used to request LiDAR data for certain geographic areas

  6. Subdivision Ordinance Update - Submit Your Comments