Do you utilize volunteers in your programs?

Yes, we provide several volunteer opportunities: 

  • Senior Nutrition program utilizes volunteers for its Meals on Wheels delivery and Congregate Meal sites in Williams and Flagstaff. 
  • Basic Business Empowerment Program utilizes volunteers as business coaches and guest speakers in Flagstaff. 
  • The Social Services Keys to Prosperity Program offers Volunteer Financial Coach Workshops for those who would like to be a Volunteer Financial Coach.
    Trained Financial Coaches offer one-on-one coaching to participants who would like to have one-on-one coaching.
    In addition, 2½ hours Financial Literacy classes are offered to community members throughout the year. 
  • Social Services also utilizes volunteers for front desk assistance in Flagstaff. Please call 928-679-7453 and speak with the Social Services Program Manager for specifics. 


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1. Do you utilize volunteers in your programs?
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