Approximately how many Citations are issued annually?
2014 saw 1,027 Cases logged (not all were citations; some included code enforcement officers dealing with wildlife – rabies, etc.)

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1. Would a PDF quotation be sufficient in lieu of a Word document?
2. How many pet licenses are issued per year?
3. What is the current rate structure?
4. Approximately how many Citations are issued annually?
5. What is the approximate current total revenue collected by Coconino annually from pet licensing, animal control and citations?
6. What software is currently used by Coconino for Pet Licensing and Animal Control?
7. Have you evaluated or attempted to implement any other system(s) within the last 18 months?
8. When would you like to (or plan to) be live on your new Pet Licensing and Animal Control Software?
9. How many named users will need access to the system?
10. Will the County consider a SaaS solution?