What is the Building Businesses & Entrepreneurs (BBE) Class?

BBE is a 9-week training created for existing and aspiring business owners to assist them with starting and/or expanding a small business. The goal for each enrollee is to write a business plan for launching and/or growing a viable enterprise, a "going concern." Small businesses are the primary source of wealth and job creation in America. Most people at some point during life think of starting their own business, but most don’t do it due to fear and/or lack of knowledge. They don’t know how, nor anyone else who has successfully done it. In the U.S. only about 10% of the population are business owners, and two-thirds of these were children of business owners. BBE provides instruction by those who’ve been successful.

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1. What is the Building Businesses & Entrepreneurs (BBE) Class?
2. Why do I need to take the BBE course if I think I can write my own plan?
3. What template do we use to write a BBE business plan?
4. I hear there is a grant program associated with the BBE program. What do I need to do to be able to receive a grant?
5. What if I am not able to keep up with the BBE class and need help?
6. What if I am not able to attend all BBE classes?
7. Who can I contact if I have additional BBE questions?