How is my property valued?

The Assessor is mandated by Arizona State Statutes to value property at its Full Cash (market) Value. There are three methods of appraising value:
Sales Comparison (also known as Market) – This method compares your property to other similar properties that have recently sold, and is used mostly for homes and land. The 2018 values are based on sales and market conditions that occurred 18 months ago, beginning in January 2015.
Replacement Cost (less depreciation) – This method is based on how much it would cost, at today’s material and labor prices, to replace your property with a similar structure. This calculation is used primarily for commercial buildings, homes that are not typical, or homes located in a remote area.
Income (commercial property) – This method is based on the income potential of a commercial property. Using operating income and expense data provided by the property owner, the value is determined by capitalizing the potential net income.

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