Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council is a county wide collaboration between county, municipal and state criminal justice agencies and departments, treatment providers, administrative departments and concerned citizens to address issues and needs arising within the criminal justice system in Coconino County.
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The impetus for the formation of the CJCC was the ever increasing population of jail inmates in the Coconino County Detention Facility and the recognition that without a coordinated and collaborative effort the County Jail would continue to be the place of first resort for persons committing both major and minor criminal offenses.

The purpose of the Council is to study the juvenile and criminal justice systems in Coconino County, identify areas for improvement, and formulate policy, plans and programs for change. In addition, its mission is to communicate and present planning, financial, operational, managerial, and programmatic recommendations to the agencies represented on the Council.

The Coconino County CJCC was selected as one of twelve members of the Justice Management Institute CJCC network, a national network of leading coordinating councils. The JMI CJCC Network brings together leaders and senior staff of CJCCs to share information and ideas about common problems and promising approaches to addressing these problems