African Diaspora Advisory Council

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A message from ADAC 

We here at Coconino ADAC have been spending time reflecting not only on the Derek Chauvin trial, and murder of George Floyd, but on the murders of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo at the hands of law enforcement as well. Indeed in the last few years, we’ve all been witness to high profile incidents of police violence and the systemic oppression of our people, but this isn’t new. It’s a story that has plagued our community for as long as we’ve had one in the U.S. We as a council want to take a moment to acknowledge the emotional toll, heartache, and pain our community and many throughout the country are experiencing. Many people part of the African Diaspora in America can recount stories of discrimination, prejudice, and racism that they’ve experienced firsthand. For the members of our African Diaspora community with children, many can relate to the anxiety and fear of sending your child out into the world and fearing they may never come home. Many of our families have had the unfortunate tragedy of losing a loved one to police violence, and we keep their names on our heart:

· George Floyd

· Daunte Wright

· Breonna Taylor

· Eric Garner

· Philando Castille

· Rayshard Brooks

· Atatianna Jefferson

· Stephon Clark

· Freddie Gray

And so many more. As we grieve and come together to search for healing, we want to iterate that there is a lot of work to be done. We as a community cannot accept the unjust executions of Black people in this country, or of anyone unjustly murdered at the hands of police. We acknowledge that the roots of these incidents run deep, and that the oppression faced by our community and many others is systemic. Therefore it will take all of us- through honest dialogue, organizing, protest, lobbying, voting, and more – to address the inequities engrained in many aspects of our society. It’s a long and hard battle, so we implore each and every member of the Coconino community to take care of themselves, support one another, and stand ready to learn and grow. As we at ADAC continue to search for ways to approach these complicated issues, we are looking forward to speaking with you, hearing your thoughts and idea, and coming together to push the needle of social justice forward, as so many before us have.

With love,

The Coconino County African Diaspora Advisory Council

The Coconino County African Diaspora Advisory Council was established in 2001 by the Board of Supervisors. The Council was created to provide an official liaison and communication link between the African American community and Coconino County. Prior to 2020, the Council was known as the African American Advisory Council


To serve as an official liaison between African American citizens and the Coconino County Board of Supervisors.

Mission Statement:

Creating Cultural and Community Connections by working to preserve, present, and maintain cultural history and advocating for educational, social and economic equity with the understanding that service is focused on cultures representing Blacks/African Americans and all individuals within the African Diaspora in Coconino County.


  • *Meetings are currently being held virtually*
  • Second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM 
  • Coconino County Administration Center, 2nd Floor 219 E. Cherry Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001
  • Date and location subject to change. Call (928) 679-7135 to verify the meeting date and time prior to attending.
  • The public is invited to attend the African Diaspora Advisory Council meetings.
  • Meeting agenda and minutes
  • Notices

Upcoming Events:


The council is composed of volunteer members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members must reside in Coconino County. Members should also have an interest in and knowledge of issues and concerns of importance to African Diaspora residing in Coconino County. One does not need to be African American to be a member. For more information about membership appointment and term limits, please read through the council bylaws.

The Council is currently recruiting interested members. Interested citizens are encouraged to submit an electronic application for membership to the council.

Current Council Members:

  • Khara House - Chair
  • Amber Jones - Vice-Chair
  • Jermaine Barkley - Asst. Vice-Chair
  • Deborah Harris
  • Dr. Tracye A. Moore
  • Breyaunna Smith

Activities and Events the Council has Been Involved In Include:

  • Review and made recommendations on proposed local, state and federal legislation
  • Community Resource Fairs
  • Juneteenth community event
  • Gospel Festivals
  • African American History Month activities and Events, essay contests
For more information about the Council please read our brochure or contact (928) 679-7135.