Linda Lane Road Improvement District

Summary Information

Location:                  Timberline
Date Formed:
           June 7, 1999 (Resolution 99-52)
District Engineer:

Bond Counsel:

District Size:
              Approximately 16 parcels/ 45 acres
Ongoing maintenance program requires an annual maintenance fee for each property owner. The district is responsible for maintaining the roadways; Linda Lane was not built to county standards and is not a part of the county roadway system.

Estimated Construction Cost:

Estimated County Contribution:

Estimated Total Project Cost to District:
Construction Hotline:

Construction Updates

March 2000 - Project Complete.
Road maintenance program is ongoing. On November 5, 2002, the Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution LLCID 2002-1, adopting the use of the Coconino County Purchasing Policy.
Funds for snow plowing and insurance policy costs are provided from the annual maintenance assessment collected.