Schedule of Events

Item No.  Action Estimated Completion Day
 Final plans, specifications and engineer's estimate filed with the clerk.
 Adopt Resolution of Intention.
 Mail notice of proposed improvement.
 Receive objections and protests. Any objection or substantial protests require a hearing which will delay the schedule. Insufficient protests do not require a hearing.
 Adopt Resolution ordering the work. (Calling for construction bids).
 Publish advertisement for proposal.
 Post advertisement for proposals at or near the door of the board meeting room.
 Receive construction bids. Open and declare the bids.
 Award construction contract.
 Approve assessment diagram showing all lots and parcels to be assessed with their assigned assessment number. Also must show location of work.
 Publish notice of award of contract.
 Sign contract, obtain payment and performance bonds and insurance certificate.
 Prepare and record assessment including summary of costs and list of amounts assessed to each lot.
 Notify Board that assessment is recorded.
 Notice of recording of assessment.
 Receive objections to the award.
 Board sets hearing on assessment.
 Mail notice of hearing to all property owners
 Mail cash demand letters to property owners.
 Begin preparation of documents for the revolving loan fund.
 Publish notice of hearing.
 Hold hearing on assessment.
 Approve assessment.
 Close cash collection period and prepare Treasurer's Return. Shows amount collected.
 Certified list of unpaid assessments. Shows which assessments go to bond.
 Adjust issue size for cash collection. Information must be made available to underwriter.
 Adopt Resolution authorizing the sale of bonds.
 Price bonds and set interest rates.
 Execute documents necessary for closing.
 Notice to proceed is issued to contractor.
 Begin Construction.