Employee Programs

Hire to Retire
Coconino County offers a diverse employee programs package for regular status employees in different stages of longevity with us. These programs provide something for everyone as we strive to continue growing the benefits we provide to our employees. Some of the programs we have are not only recognized on a national level, but above all are considered innovative and beneficial by our employees.

On this page, we provide a brief summary of some of the most popular employee programs of Coconino County.

For a snapshot of the benefits available to you as a new hire and also as your career with Coconino County develops, Download the Hire To Retire Brochure.

Employee Growth & Development Program

The Employee Growth and Development Program (EGAD) offers free training and professional development opportunities for County employees to assist them in meeting their personal and professional goals. It is the philosophy of the County that ultimately, citizens reap the benefits of highly qualified, well-trained, well-developed, and competent employees when receiving services from the organization. Course offerings improve the quality of service provided to citizens by enhancing employee knowledge, skills and abilities. This program fosters an innovative, flexible, diverse and responsive workforce that is engaged and motivated. Healthy retention of high performing and engaged employees, requires a great deal of time, investment and support to be successful. In addition to individual classes, the County training program offers a Supervisors’ Development Academy (SDA) and an Executive Leadership Academy (ELA). 
  • The Supervisor's Development Academy (SDA) offers a series of classes designed to train new and experienced supervisors on the competencies needed for effective supervision as well as the County's policies, procedures and values. This program also provides networking opportunities for participants and builds the foundation for future mentors within the organization.
  • The Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) prepares the County's highest performing employees for high level leadership within the organization. The mission of this academic program is to provide a forum, atmosphere and challenge for employees to discover, ignite, sharpen, share, and demonstrate their leadership abilities.

Deferred Compensation 457 Plan Employer Match Program

​The purpose of the match program is to encourage participation and support the financial health and wellness for the employee's future. Coconino County recognizes that participating in this type of benefit provides the ability for an employee to be financially prepared for the future. To facilitate this, regular employees enrolled in a County 457 Deferred Compensation Plan will receive a match of funds/savings for retirement when eligibility criterion is met. The County currently offers four vendors. 


  • Full-time and par-time regular employees are eligible to participate in this program.
  • Hold a regular status full-time or part-time position classified at Grade 12 or lower (Law Enforcement DO3 or S03 and lower); 
  • Be in good standing and not on any type of work improvement plan or administrative probation; and 
  • As of July 1, 2017, contribute at least $20 every pay period to pre-tax deferrals or Roth deferrals via one of Coconino County's four deferred compensation vendors.

Personal Day Purchase Program

We began offering the Personal Day Purchase Program to County employees beginning July 1, 2009 . This is a voluntary program that is especially beneficial to new employees who may want to purchase additional vacation days before their accruals increase. Full time, regular status employees may purchase up to 10 personal days and have the cost deducted from payroll. Initially the program was introduced as a tool to aid the County in meeting the projected revenue shortfall for fiscal year 2010. Today, the Personal Day Purchase Program remains widely used by employees and was recognized by The International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) for its innovative approach.

  • Why participate in this program?

Participation in this program is purely voluntary. Employees are being asked to consider participation as a way to contribute toward the generation of cost savings. If every employee purchased just one personal day, the savings to the County would be approximately $200,000 ($125,000 general fund and $75,000 other funds). So, as you can see, even a small contribution of one day reaps huge rewards to the County in their efforts to balance our budget.

  • How much does it cost?

The cost is computed based on the hourly salary (at the beginning of the fiscal year) x the number of hours purchased. So if an employee makes $10 per hour and works 8 hours per day, they would be charged $80 for one personal day, $160 for two, etc. The cost for the number of days purchased by the employee is then divided by 26 pay periods and deducted from each two-week paycheck.

Voluntary Time Off Program:

We encourage our employees to take part in projects that support the communities in which we live and serve. The purpose of the Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Pilot Program is to support community engagement service activities that are meaningful, purposeful and positively enhance the communities in which we live and work. The intention is to allow employees to help those in need, give back to our communities and enrich the quality of life within our communities. At the same time, Coconino County recognizes that participating in these types of activities truly enriches and inspires the lives of all of our employees. To facilitate this, regular employees may use paid VTO during regularly scheduled work hours each fiscal year to volunteer for a designated charitable organization in their community.


Full time and part time regular employees are eligible to participate in this program.  Part time employees will receive a pro-rated amount of VTO hours in proportion to the number of hours they work per pay period.  

  • Have one (1) year of service at Coconino County
  • Be off probation of any kind
  • Be in good standing and not on any type of work improvement plan

Paid Time Off (PTO) Conversion Program

This benefit provides employees with the option to convert unused PTO accruals into vacation leave accruals! This PTO conversion takes place AUTOMATICALLY! If you do not wish for eligible PTO hours to be converted to vacation leave, you should provide written notice to the Human Resources Department.


  • Regular status employees, full or part-time, accruing sick leave and vacation leave
  • Completion of five or more years continuous employment as a regular status employee
  • Use less than 48 hours of sick leave during a rolling 12-month period from the employee's anniversary date
  • The remaining amount (up to 48) will be converted to vacation leave. (Example: If only 8 hours of paid time off are used during the anniversary year, the County will transfer 40 hours of paid time off to annual vacation leave.)

Wellness Incentive Program

This program is implemented by Coconino County working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. It is a two-step program, providing employees with an opportunity to can save $240 on medical coverage. As the Wellness Incentive Program grows in the future, more and more opportunities to earn the cost share waiver are introduced. Some examples of qualifying wellness activities include: bio-metrics screenings, regular dental cleanings, recommended preventative screenings, participation in exercise programs, online seminars on wellness. This program is applicable to both regular County employees eligible for benefits and for retirees who continue their health insurance with the County.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Are you currently taking classes or earning a degree at a local college or university?  Coconino County values higher education for its employees for the purposes of enhanced performance, professional development and employee retention.


  • Regular full or part time employees who have worked continuously for the County for one year are eligible
  • College level classes through an Arizona accredited college or university​
  • Study needs to be focused on courses related to the employee's current position or any position within the County

Employee Discounts

Coconino County has developed multiple partnerships with companies such as Wells Fargo, AZ Central Credit Union, Snowbowl, and the Flagstaff Aquaplex. They provide various discounts for County employees and serve as yet another benefit to working for our organization.

Employee Referral Program

The referral program is an addition to the many tools already in use. Employees are encouraged to refer anyone, but to match the demographic of the people we serve, we especially encourage referrals of women, minorities and veterans as we work together to improve diversity in our workforce.


Coconino County provides unlimited access, to all regular County employees. The pass is valid for all Flagstaff public transport and all employees need to do is show their County Badge to the bus driver.

Employee Service Award Recognition Program

The Employee Service Award Recognition Program is a way for Coconino County to recognize years of service and dedication of our most valuable asset; our employees. The Employee Service Award Recognition program is provided to employees reaching a milestone in their employment recognized in 5 year increments. Also included in the program are current retirees.

It is a true honor to recognize our dedicated employees for their service to the County. Currently, employees are provided the option to receive a plaque recognizing their years of service and a gift certificate in varying values. A charitable donation can be made in lieu of a gift certificate at the employees request. Employees are recognized by their immediate supervisors/managers, the County Manager and the Board of Supervisors while enjoying a dessert buffet.