Smoke-Free Arizona

Exposure to secondhand smoke is estimated to cause more than 53,000 deaths among non-smokers in the United States each year. Children, those with pre-existing health conditions, and elderly are especially at risk. To address this issue, Coconino County, the City of Flagstaff, and the voters of the State of Arizona have passed laws to protect employees and the public from this public health danger.

On November 4, 2003, the Coconino County Board of Supervisors adopted a Smoke-Free Air Ordinance that covers all unincorporated areas of the county. It requires public places and workplaces to be smoke-free including all restaurants and bars.

Following the adoption of the county smoke-free ordinance, the City of Flagstaff passed a revised Smoke-Free Air Ordinance that went into effect May 1, 2005.

In November of 2006, Arizona voters approved a new state law, Smoke-Free Arizona, that became effective May 1, 2007. Our statewide law now protects public health statewide and allows cities and counties to implement even stronger smoke-free laws serving as a floor, not a ceiling in protection from secondhand smoke.

Our local county and city ordinances and state law prohibit smoking in ALL workplaces, including all bars, retail stores, bowling alleys, lounges in restaurants, and private clubs that have employees. Smoking and ash receptacles are restricted to outside a 20 foot perimeter from doorways, windows and ventilation system air intakes. Signage is required for businesses and available from Smoke-Free Arizona.

For questions or to report a violation of our smoke-free laws,
  • please contact:
Mark Harmes, Health Educator, (928) 679-7395
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Arizona Department of Health Services/Smoke-Free Arizona

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