Felony Charging Unit

Pre-trial Investigations

The Pre-trial Investigation Program reviews and makes charging decisions on charging requests received from law enforcement, conducts Grand Jury proceedings, preliminary hearings in Justice Courts, and provides dispositional reporting to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) State Criminal History Repository for charges that are not filed in court. The Charging Team determines whether to set cases for preliminary hearings or for Grand Jury.

Charging of Cases

The program provides timely charging of cases and decision making to prepare the case for successful prosecution. In-service training is provided to law enforcement agencies to assist with accurate, effective, and thorough investigation of cases. Cases are presented to the Grand Jury and in preliminary hearings in the Justice Court.

Benefits to Timely Charging

Timely charging decisions contribute to a more efficient system and assist in fulfilling state requirements for case processing time. Offenders are held accountable and the community is made safer.