Friends of Coconino County Parks

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The Friends of Coconino County Parks (FCCP) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that supports Coconino County Parks & Recreation with land conservation, park development, and recreational events. FCCP provides funding and expertise to benefit parks, facilitates volunteerism, and partnerships with other organizations to advocate for parks and open space.

FCCP accomplishes this through efforts that include:
  • Generating funding to benefit County Parks
  • Facilitating arrangements with volunteers and other organizations for cooperative work efforts
  • Advocating for parks and open space
Since its incorporation in 2008, the FCCP has been continually working toward fulfilling its mission and development organizational capacity. Below are some accomplishments:
  • Facilitated donations for the construction of a fitness trail in the town Fredonia
  • Collaborated with Coconino Horsemen's Alliance in fundraising and resource mobilization to build the Community Equestrian Arena at Fort Tuthill County Park
  • Completed "Let's Get Out in the Woods"-a series of free guided hiking educational activities to explore Coconino County parks and natural areas. It included Geocaching: What is it and How is it Done, What's so Special About Wetlands, Amphibians at Rogers Lake, Birds and Bugs Bingo at Sawmill County Park, and Creatures in the Ponderosa Pine Canopy
  • Raised funds and mobilized resources for the construction of Ponderosa Ramada, a sustainable shade structure at Sawmill County Park
  • In partnership with Willow Bend Environmental Education Center and Parks and Recreation department, obtained a grant from U.S. Forest Services "More Kinds in the Woods Program" to fund "Let's Get Out in the Woods"-a series of free guided hiking educational activities to explore Coconino County parks and natural areas
  • Organized the 2010-2015 Coconino County Fair Homebrew Competition
  • In a competitive bidding process, awarded the contract to operate the alcohol concessions at the Coconino County Fair. Fifty percent of tips collected are earmarked for Fairgrounds improvements.
  • Organized Explore Your County Parks Bike Series
  • Participated in the National Trails Day with Coconino County Parks and Recreation
  • Presentation to the State Land Department for preservation of Rogers Lake
  • Administered the County Fair's program on guided Nature Walk and Bike to the Fair
  • Organized and led Interpretive Walks and Snowshoe Series
  • Sponsored concerts by Gin Blossoms and Carlos Nakai at the Amphitheater

Fundraising Events

  • Coconino County Fair Beer Garden

P.O. Box 1633, Flagstaff, Arizona 86002