CPOS Update
On November 5, 2002, Coconino County residents approved an open space acquisition and park development initiative to raise the County sales tax a one-eighth of one-cent for County parks. The initiative passed with 61% voter approval. The tax concluded in September 2014 with the accumulation of $33 million. It funded the Coconino Parks and Open Space Program (CPOS) to accomplish two goals: development and re-development of community parks in the County system, and acquisition of open space within critical natural areas in the greater Flagstaff area.
CPOS raised $19 million for acquisition of seven natural areas, including wetlands and wildlife habitat, old growth forests, and other sensitive areas in and around Flagstaff. Years of citizen input and community planning established a shared vision of protecting old growth forests, wetlands, and wildlife habitat to balance regional growth and development.

CPOS funded the acquisition of two county natural areas:
  • Pumphouse County Natural Area is a 125 acre natural wetlands area in Kachina Village that emphasizes the protection of wetland habitat and water resources. It encompasses Pumphouse Meadow, Pumphouse Wash and Harrenburg Wash.
  • Rogers Lake County Natural Area is comprised of 2,250 acres of land including 1,400 acres of wetland. It is the centerpiece of Coconino County's vision for a large, protected wetland landscape that supports incomparable opportunities for outdoor education and research, watchable wildlife programs, interpretation of historic and prehistoric sites, and low-impact recreation.
The Program also included $14 million for park development, enhancement projects, historic preservation efforts at Fort Tuthill, trail systems, and full master plan build-out at existing County parks.

Accomplished projects include: View details of Completed Projects at CPOS Update (September 2016).

View a map of natural area and park projects at CPOS Project Map 2002.

For more information on the Coconino Parks and Open Space Program, please Contact Us.
Support for CPOS was raised by a diverse but incredibly energetic and active political action committee named Our Land, Water, & Wildlife Committee.

The Conservation Campaign, Grand Canyon Trust, and The Nature Conservancy provided major funding for the campaign.

Voter materials stressed the importance of:
  • Preserving water quality,
  • Protecting forests and wildlife habitat,
  • Developing new recreational opportunities,
  • Enhancing historical and cultural sites,
  • And most of all - doing all these things now for the future of Coconino County.
CCPR wants to thank the political action committee and voters of Coconino County.