Raymond County Park

Raymond County Park Watchable Wildlife Platform


Raymond County Park is located in Kachina Village, seven miles south of Flagstaff. It has a ball field, ramadas, basketball court, and restroom building. A watchable wildlife viewing platform is installed to complement adjacent Pumphouse County Natural Area, a popular wildlife viewing area in the springtime that emphasizes protection of wetland habitat and water resources.

History of Park

Raymond County Park was established in 1972, when the Raymond Foundation donated five acres of land in Kachina Village to Coconino County. The land was part of Dr. Raymond's ranch holdings that contained several natural springs. The site includes Dr. R.O. Raymond's grave. Dr. Raymond (1876-1959) was a physician, stockman, humanitarian, and philanthropist who moved to Williams, Arizona, from Missouri in 1904 and to Flagstaff in 1909.

In 2001, Coconino County Parks and Recreation acquired the adjacent pond north of the park. The park now spans 12.5 acres; the purchase of additional 7.5 acres was funded by the Coconino County Parks and Open Space Program (CPOS).

In 2010, the park was redeveloped to include the ball field, basketball court expansion, ramadas, restroom building, paved parking lots, ADA sidewalks, and additional play equipment. The project cost of $1.2M was funded by CPOS.

Bullfrog Removal Efforts

In March 2016, in cooperation with Coconino County Parks and Recreation, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service drained Raymond Pond and began long-term monitoring to remove adult bullfrogs and tadpoles that were illegally introduced to the pond. Bullfrogs are an invasive species, and prey on fish and native amphibian species. Read more about bullfrog removal efforts, as well as a story in the Arizona Daily Sun and a story on Channel 12.


  • 12.5 acres
  • Two Ramadas - visit Reserve a Ramada for more information
  • Ball field with terrace seating
  • High school dimension basketball court and a half court
  • Climbing wall and two playgrounds
  • Pond and Watchable Wildlife Viewing Platform
  • Restrooms
  • Drinking fountains
  • Two parking areas

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Raymond County Park Ramada
Raymond County Park Playground