Administrative Services 

Most of the members of this division are civilian employees. The Administrative and Support Services Division serves the entire Sheriff's Office, including the Detention Facility, and all of the substations of the Sheriff's Office. In addition, the Coconino County Sheriff's Office provides information systems, warrants, facilities, and custodial services to the Flagstaff Police Department through an intergovernmental agreement.

In addition to the day-to-day functions supporting the agency, the Support Services Division is instrumental in providing logistical support for large scale emergency events. While officers and other emergency responders in the field deal with the emergency at hand, many of our support services personnel manage and support activities at the incident command post (which manages the emergency event) or the emergency operations center (which manages the consequences of the emergency).

Finance & Budget

The Finance and Budget Team plays a vital role in developing the annual budget for the Sheriff's Office. This involves regular budget analyses and reports. This section also processes and manages purchase orders, accounts payable and receivable, time cards, and travel documents. In addition, they complete financial reports for contracts and grants for the Sheriff's Office.

Systems Security & Warrants

The Systems Security Manager is assigned to be a liaison between the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Per Arizona Revised Statute 41-1750, the Arizona Department of Public Safety is named as the state repository and mandates policy and procedure for criminal history information and the Arizona and National Criminal Justice Information Systems.

The System Security Manager serves as the contact for record validations, quality control matters, Criminal Justice Information Systems security matters, agency personnel training, system access / equipment, and audits of internal operations and policy concerning the Criminal Justice Information Systems.

The Systems Security Manager also works with the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (ACJC) to coordinate and monitor issues ranging from drugs, gangs, victim compensation, and record exchange for criminal justice agencies in Arizona.

The Systems Security Manger is responsible for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) for our agency (Figure 38). The UCR program began around 1930 when the International Association of Chiefs of Police wanted to create reliable, uniform crime statistics across the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigations collects, publishes, and archives the statistics. The statistics are published in Crime in the United States which compiles data from nearly 17,000 law enforcement agencies.

The Systems Security Manager also manages our Warrants Section. The Warrants Section is responsible for maintaining entering and clearing all warrants issued by Flagstaff City Court, Fredonia Justice Court, Flagstaff Justice Court, Williams Justice Court, Page Justice Court, and Coconino County Superior Court. The Warrants Section also coordinates felony extraditions. Extraditions typically are through private transports.

Information Systems

In 2004, an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) was signed by Coconino County, the cities of Flagstaff and Williams, Northern Arizona University, and the Jail District in which the Sheriff’s Office is contracted to provide network and computer systems services to the Flagstaff Police Department, Williams Police Department, Northern Arizona University Police Department, and the Jail District.

These agencies share the same database and data management system, and it was determined that the most efficient method of supporting the system was to have one team responsible for network and software support. This helps ensure integrity of the network and software (however, each agency maintains responsibility for data integrity). Through this agreement, the Sheriff’s Office Information Systems Team supports 453 users and 250 computers.

The Information Systems Team provides technical assistance in the areas of network systems, communication systems, information storage, automated information processing, and statistical reporting. In 2006, they processed over 7,800 work orders for technical assistance.

They are responsible for managing, maintaining, and upgrading the Intergraph Public Safety System which includes Computer Automated Dispatch (CAD), the Records Management System, and the Jail Management System which are shared by the agencies listed in the above mentioned Intergovernmental Agreement. Staff also works with clients of dispatch to assist with electronic sharing of information from CAD. The Sheriff’s Office meets regularly with its database partners to discuss user and database needs, issues, and solutions.

The Information Systems Team has been instrumental in the Criminal Justice Integration project which has been funded by the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, the National Criminal History Improvement Project, Homeland Security grants, and Arizona Criminal Justice Commission grants.

The scope of the project is to efficiently and effectively share data not only among law enforcement agencies, but also with other criminal justice agencies such as the courts and probation. The team and project have been recognized for their leading role in criminal justice integration.

Communications Systems

The Communications Systems Team is responsible for the phones, cell phones, pagers, and radio systems of the sheriff's office and detention facility. They also provide phone systems services for the Flagstaff Police Department and pre-trial services. The communications section supports approximately 450 land-line phones, 88 cell phones, and 330 radios.

Our Communications Specialists also work with other agencies to research and implement enhanced forms of phone and radio technology and to improve inter-agency communications. The Federal Communications Commission assigns agencies specific frequencies over which they transmit radio communications. However, when there is a large scale emergency event, emergency responders need to communicate with responders from their own agency and from other agencies.

This is the premise of interoperability which is listed as a priority in the Arizona Strategic Plan for Homeland Security. In the past several years, our agency has made significant progress in the areas of enhanced communications and interoperability.

Facilities (Maintenance & Custodial Services)

Maintenance and Custodial Teams provide facilities, maintenance, and custodial services to the Law Enforcement Administrative Facility (LEAF) which houses the Sheriff's Office and the Flagstaff Police Department. The Maintenance Team also provides facilities and maintenance services to the Flagstaff Detention Facility and the Page Detention Facility. In addition to regular repairs, the maintenance team completes regular inspections to monitor equipment and facilities. They manage maintenance contracts and warranties, and they ensure that necessary life-safety drills are conducted.

We are proud of our custodial and maintenance staff which keeps our facilities in top condition through their proactive and regular services to the building and equipment. They are actively involved in moving us forward to become more green and environmentally conscious.

Administrative Personnel

There are several levels of administrative personnel ranging from Administrative Specialists to Administrative Managers. Administrative personnel perform duties including:

  • Administer special programs and projects
  • Assist with media relations and releases
  • Assist with resource management and logistics during emergency events
  • Compose correspondence and edit documents
  • Conduct criminal history backgrounds
  • Create fliers, brochures, certificates, and presentations
  • Enter and analyze data
  • Greet and assist customers
  • Maintain agency manuals, documents, and memos
  • Maintain and manage records systems
  • Maintain calendars and schedule events
  • Make travel and meeting arrangements
  • Participate on internal and external committees and boards
  • Prepare monthly and annual internal and external reports
  • Process civil documents
  • Research and maintain data integrity
  • Research and write grants
  • Submit billings and receive payments

Human Resources

The Human Resources Manager and staff assist with recruitment, employee relations, benefits, training, risk management, and other human resource administration needs for the approximately 260 employees of the Sheriff's Office, including the Detention Facility. Our Human Resources team interacts closely with the County’s Human Resources Department and with the Recruitment Officer for the Detention Facility. For more information on employment opportunities with the County and the Sheriff’s Office please check County Jobs page.

Records Services

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Facility contract with the Flagstaff Police Department for Records Services.

To make a public records requestreports or other records information should be directed to the Flagstaff Police Department at 911 East Sawmill Road, Flagstaff, Arizona at 928-214-2530. 

Matt Freshour, Coconino County Sheriff's Office Custodian of Records 


Dispatch Services

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Facility contract with the Flagstaff Police Department for dispatch services. Because the Flagstaff Police Department and the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office share the same Intergraph Public Safety databases for Computer Aided Dispatch and the Records Management System, we are able to report many of the dispatch related statistics pertinent to the Sheriff’s Office. Requests for other dispatch information should be directed to the Flagstaff Police Department at 911 East Sawmill Road, Flagstaff, Arizona.