Code of the West - A portrait of land and lifestyle

The Code of the West was first chronicled by well-known western writer Zane Grey. The men and women who moved west in the 1800s were bound by this unwritten code of conduct. Integrity and self-reliance guided their decisions and actions. In keeping with that spirit, this information is offered to help existing and future Coconino County residents who wish to follow in the footsteps of those rugged individuals and live outside city limits.

Rural Living

Life in rural areas is different than life in cities. County governments typically don't offer the same level of service that city governments provide. To that end, this information is meant to help you make an informed decision regarding whether or not to live in a rural environment.

Even though you pay property taxes to the County, the amount of tax collected does not cover the cost of services provided to rural residents. In general, city residents subsidize the lifestyle of rural residents by making up the shortfall between the cost of services and the revenues received from rural property owners.

Since the rural west will not change to accommodate your lifestyle or expectations, you should be prepared to adapt accordingly. You are encouraged to be vigilant in exploring and thoroughly examining any issues related to a rural existence that could affect your decision to relocate to this area. The information presented in the Code of the West is not intended to discourage you, only to give you a true and accurate picture of rural living in Coconino County, Arizona.

This text was adapted from the Code of the West written originally by John Clarke, former County Commissioner of Larimer County, Colorado.