Sustainable Building Program

The Coconino County Sustainable Building Program is a free resource available to all County residents seeking to increase the sustainability of their homes or construction projects.

Free Program Services:

Announcements (click here)

  • Shipping container model structural plan sets now available!
  • New federal incentives for energy efficiency, electrification and renewable energy through the Inflation Reduction Act!
  • New spreadsheet of refrigerators with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant available through Home Depot
  • New carbon accounting tool from Builders for Climate Action
  • Building Division approves Hydroloop for gray water reuse inside the home
  • 2022 updated checklists
  • New Carbon Smart Distinction
  • Northern Arizona Solar Co-op
  • and more!

Program Information

The Mission of Coconino County Sustainable Building Program (CCSBP) is to educate, support, encourage and help develop sustainable building practices & processes for the citizens of Coconino County.

Board of Supervisors 2003 Resolution Adopting the CCSBP

CCSBP Core Values-
CCSBP core values shape the Program and the Sustainable Building Program Checklist. They are: 

  • Community and Regionally Focused
  • Affordable, High-Return Methods
  • Natural and Technical Systems Approaches
  • Optimal Lifecycle Performance Emphasis
  • Conservation: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renewable

Flagstaff Green Minute about CCSBP

Sustainable Building Citizen Advisory Committee

This is an informal committee (attendance not mandatory) comprised of building professionals, owner-builders, educators, government officials, students, and anyone who has an interest in being involved with the Sustainable Building Program and our efforts to promote sustainable development locally.

The intent of the Committee meetings is to share resources and provide programmatic support. Meetings are usually be held at Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, however, meetings can also be hosted at other locations around the community. Due to the pandemic, meetings may be held on Zoom.

We are currently developing a planning session for the Citizen Advisory Committee regarding County Sustainability and the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program for January 2023. 

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or would like to participate!