Integrated Family Court

Integrated Family Court (IFC) promotes a “one family, one judge” approach which reduces conflicting orders and enhances a judge’s ability to know what the family needs. IFC provides a multitude of contracted service providers to assist families. It streamlines case management and increases mediation use. All families who come into the IFC will be encouraged, and some required, to enter into a mediation process. The goals for the IFC are:

  • Increase use of non-adversarial processes in order to discourage litigation (increased mediation)
  • Expand services available in family law cases
  • Streamline case flow procedures
  • Implement the “one family, one judge” approach
  • Offer additional training to all Superior Court Judges in Coconino County hearing family law cases and to IFC staff.
  • Offer additional services through the Self Help center including document preparation assistance – FLAP (Family Law Assistance Program)
For information on the program contact, (928) 679-7504