Community Restitution

More and more probationers are being sentenced to do community restitution (work service) as part of the terms of their probation. Depending on whether the probationer is on standard or intensive probation, he or she could be sentenced to anywhere from 10 hours total of community restitution to 40 hours a month every month that he or she is on probation.

The Coconino County Adult Probation Community Restitution Program has a partnership with over 125 non-profit agencies and government entities. We screen all probationers to match the needs and circumstances of the receiving agency. At any given time, we have a labor force of approximately 300 clients, all with different skills and abilities.

Who Benefits From the Community Restitution Program?

  • We help non-profit organizations stretch limited financial resources by providing workers at NO COST.
  • We give taxpayers a break by providing governmental agencies with manpower to complete labor intensive projects at NO COST.
(24,996 hours of labor completed at minimum wage standards)

  • We help the community through neighborhood beautification projects and graffiti removal.
  • We give probationers an opportunity to choose a positive lifestyle through service to their community. Probationers leave the program with better self-confidence, stronger interpersonal skills, an improved work ethic and, occasionally, full-time employment.