Work Furlough

What is Work Furlough?

Work furlough exists for the purpose of allowing a person who is incarcerated in jail to be released, under supervision, for purposes of employment or to attend school.

Who is eligible for Work Furlough?

Persons who are authorized by Coconino County Superior Courts, Flagstaff, Page and Williams City and Justice Courts are eligible for Work Furlough. These persons will be referred to the Work Furlough staff for evaluation for entry into the program. Criteria used for this determination include (but is not limited to):

  • Approved employment of at least 32 hours per week or full time student able to pay program fee.
  • Employment within Coconino County and within reasonable commuting distance from Flagstaff or Page.
  • Ability to pay program fee.
  • No active holds or warrants from other jurisdictions.


Contact the Coconino County Work Furlough Department to set up an intake appointment. Intake appointments are done on Thursdays.