Flagstaff Justice Court

Notice to all court participants and visitors, pursuant to Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Order number 2020-79 effective June 1, 2020, all individuals entering the courthouse must wear a face mask or a face covering.

Aviso a todos los participantes y visitantes a los juzgados, conforme a la Orden Administrativa 2020-79 del Supremo Tribunal de Arizona que queda en vigencia desde el 1 de junio 2020, y que se obliga a todo individuo que se ingresa en el juzgado a llevar puesto una mascarilla o cubrebocas/pañuelo/protector- visera facial. 

FJC Fact Sheet
FJC Fact Sheet Spanish

The Flagstaff Justice Court remains open for business.  However, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and corresponding public health emergency, all courts in Arizona have been asked to minimize the numbers of people physically entering any courthouse wherever possible. This effort is meant to not only protect the health and safety of all litigants, staff, stakeholders, and the judiciary itself, but also to ensure that the judicial branch of government can continue to function and carry out its duties.  As we are limiting public access to the courthouse during this time, please contact the court via the court website or call the court at (928) 679-7650 if you have any requests or questions regarding a pending case or matter before the court.

Flagstaff Justice Court Lobby Closed

Flagstaff Justice Court will be transferring their front counter activities to the Clerk of Superior Court’s front window, staffed by a Justice Court employee. This will start Friday March 27, 2020.  The Justice Court lobby area will be closed.  A box and time stamp for incoming filings will be next to the door and filings will be pulled multiple times a day to be processed.  Justice Court staff will by utilizing the attorney boxes at the Superior Court Clerk area to disseminate return filings.  Any filings requiring monies to be processed can be received at the temporary Justice Court window at the Superior Court Clerk’s Office. 

Paying a Fine:

For the convenience of our community, the Flagstaff Justice Court has compiled a list of ways to pay court fines. Please see below the various options to take care of your fines.

Ways to pay... 

  • Online                                                                                                                    www.azcourtpay.com                                                                                       www.flagstaffjcpayments.com                                                                                   
  • Stop in at the counter or send in a money order or check to:                         Flagstaff Justice Court                                                                                                   200 N San Francisco St                                                                                         Flagstaff, AZ 86001                                                                                                  
  • Make a payment by phone via 3rd party vendor, please call 928-863-2574 Mon - Fri 5am - 5pm and Sat - Sun 7am - 11am PST. This option can facilitate various languages with translators.                                                                                        
  • In-person at any Pay Near Me locations which can be found at https://home.paynearme.com/merchant-locations

If you need to find your case number please visit https://apps.supremecourt.az.gov/publicaccess This website shows all open and pending cases in the state of Arizona excluding federal cases.  

If you have further questions, please call our main line at 928-679-7650. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the court is receiving an increase in the volume of calls. We appreciate your patience with the increased hold and callback times.

Court Hearings: 

Unless otherwise ordered by the court, most court appearances will be by telephone or video pursuant to Coconino County Superior Court AO 2020-005.  If you have a scheduled court date, please contact the court ahead of time to determine if you are required to appear in person or by phone.  If you are required to appear by phone, you will be asked to provide a reliable phone number by which the court can contact you for your hearing.   

Electronic Motions to Continue or Vacate:

Flagstaff Justice Court will temporarily accept electronic filings for motions to continue or vacate a hearing. These motions can be filed through email at contactflagjustice@courts.az.gov. Other filings are to be mailed or hand delivered to the Court as usual.

Eviction Hearings:


If you are the Plaintiff or an Attorney for the Plaintiff in the case, when filing the complaints with the court please include all exhibits needed to be utilized during the hearing including a copy of the lease, any notices, etc.  Please call the Civil Unit at 928-679-7650 and select option 4 to provide a reliable phone number to receive the Court’s phone call.

If you are the Defendant in the case, in order that we be able to reach you at the time of your Eviction Hearing, please call the Civil Unit (dial 928-679-7650 and select option 4) of the Flagstaff Justice Court as far in advance as you can, and provide the following information: your name, the case number, the date of your scheduled hearing, and a reliable phone number to receive the Court’s phone call. 

If you have any exhibits that you wish to utilize during the hearing, you must provide them to the Court in advance by email. PLEASE EMAIL ANY EXHIBITS YOU WISH TO UTILIZE DURING THE HEARING TO: contactflagjustice@courts.az.gov. In your email with attached exhibits, please also include your name, the case number, the date of your scheduled hearing, and a reliable phone number.

If you are unable to comply with these requests for some reason, please contact the Civil Unit to bring your concerns to the attention of the Court.

COVID-19 Eviction Relief/Info – click here

Protective Orders:

If you are requesting a Protective Order and have completed your petition on the AZ POINT online petition portal (https://azpoint.azcourts.gov/), please call the Civil Unit of the Flagstaff Justice Court at 928-679-7650 and select option 4.  Staff will work with you about having a telephonic hearing with the Judge at that time or as quickly as possible from the time staff receives your call.  Please have your protective order number available to give to staff.   If your call is not answered, please leave a message that includes how the court can safely contact you to get you set up for a telephonic hearing.

Wedding Information:

Weddings will not be conducted in the Flagstaff Justice Court courtrooms. However, the Court recognizes the importance of providing this service to the public. Judges will continue to be available to conduct weddings outside the courthouse after 5:00 pm.  If you wish to be married, please provide your marriage license to the Justice Court Clerk by 4:45 pm. Please notify the clerk if you will need witnesses. A judge will meet you outside the main doors of the courthouse as soon as possible after 5:00 pm.