Community Equestrian Arena


Located at the racetrack infield, the Community Arena is 170' wide and 245' long and is available for use from dawn to dusk April 1 through October 31, free of charge for recreational, drop-in use. The Community Equestrian Arena is not rentable for events.

You can access the arena by parking in the Grandstands parking lot and walking your horse through a chain-link gate near the welcome sign and rules kiosk (please see link below to arena map). Parking for horse trailers is available in the grandstand parking lot. Please pick up after your horse in the arena and parking areas.

Note: Please bring your own supply of water for your horse if you are using the Arena in the months of April or October. During these months, the water spigots are turned off to prevent freezing due to low overnight temperatures.

Visiting the Arena

Before visiting the Arena, please read through the Community Equestrian Arena Rules, FTCP Community Equestrian Arena Map, and view black-out dates below. The black-out dates signify when the Community Arena is closed due to other events in the vicinity. Check back often as new dates may be added.

The Community Equestrian Arena project was made possible by a joint effort of the Coconino Horsemen's Alliance, Coconino County Parks & Recreation and the Friends of Coconino County Parks who cooperated to raise funds and mobilize volunteers to revitalize this existing but unused arena.