Diversity of Coconino County

As the second largest geographic county in the United States, Coconino County is home to many diverse landscapes ranging from tall ponderosa pines to colorful deserts - and everything in between. The employees and citizens who reside and work in our County are just as diverse. The name "Coconino" is derived from "Cohonino," the Hopi word for Havasupai and Yavapai. Our name represents more than one group of people, which is fitting since the different ideas and perspectives of our individuals make us so strong.
Tribal Dancers

Coconino County Diversity Committees

Coconino County and the Coconino County Board of Supervisors strive to maintain cultural, ethnic, geographic, and educational diversity and to draw upon valuable areas of expertise available in our community. Citizens and their government must work together as neighbors to enhance programs and services and to preserve our history. Coconino County takes great pride in the diversity committees listed below because they provide an opportunity for Coconino County citizens to take an active role in County government.


Coconino County is a great place to live, work, and flourish because people are our most valuable asset. "Vast and endless beauty and home to many cultures," is more than just a statement on our logo; it is what makes us unique. Coconino County is an equal opportunity employer.