How to do Business with Coconino County


The Coconino County Purchasing Division welcomes all companies and persons interested in doing business with the County. This Guide will provide important information on how to do business with us and purchasing processes. The complete Guide can be found by clicking the link on this page.

Vendor Policies & Procedures

It is the goal of Coconino County to offer all vendors a fair and competitive procurement process. The purpose of this guide is to acquaint vendors with the County's purchasing policies and procedures and to explain how to do business with the County. This manual contains information on how to do business with the County according to the County policy and State law.

To this end, the County has in place a purchasing policy and this vendor manual. A copy of the County's policy is available for public review at this link

Mission Statement

With commitment and action, the Coconino County Purchasing Office will provide to all citizens, County departments and vendors:
  • Fiscal responsibility and prudence
  • Adherence to the NIGP code of Ethics
  • Utilization of environmentally sustainable products and practices
  • Consideration of local value in vendor selection
  • Alignment of the County’s strategic goals with its procurement procedures

Bidders List

The Coconino County Purchasing Office maintains bidders list in which all vendors who indicate a desire to receive Notices of Call for Bids and Proposals will receive such notices as those bids and proposals are issued via an email message. Vendors must register under the “Notify me” link on the County main home page. Be sure to include all vendor information and the commodities in which you are interested in receiving Notices for.
It is the express responsibility of the vendor to insure that they are on the list AND if there are any addresses or other business information changes the vendor must make those changes online themselves.

The County provides various Arizona Plan Rooms with bid plans and specifications as those capital projects arise.

Contact Information

    Northern AZ Builders Association Website
    Colorado River Bldg Association Website
    Central AZ Plan Exchange
Phone: 928-445-7101
    McGraw-Hill/Dodge Report Website
    Reed Construction Data Website
    Shirley’s Plan Service
Phone: 520-791-7436
    Integrated Digital Tech Website

Purchasing Process

Formal Bids and Requests for Proposals are solicited at a threshold of $50,000. All goods and services with an anticipated cost of over $50,000 will go out for public bid which involves the publishing of the Notice of Call for Bid in the Arizona Daily Sun for four consecutive days. This Notice provides the title of the solicitation, the date of any pre-bid meetings, the due date and location for the submittals. All vendors who have registered for the commodity of the current solicitation will receive an email message containing the Notice. Solicitations are also posted on the County web site and on the web site. The County is eligible to buy off of cooperative purchasing agreements such as Arizona State Contract, Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, SAVE, U.S. Communities, WSCA and the Flagstaff Alliance 2020 which includes the City of Flagstaff, NAU, FUSD and Coconino Community College.

As the County operates a decentralized purchasing function, a department may call a vendor to request quotes from them. Purchases from $3,000 to $50,000 require three written quotes from vendors. Purchase orders are required for all procurement's of goods and services over $3000. Vendors must not ship goods or provide services without a purchase order if the value of the goods or services exceeds $3000.

The County has established a Master Card program for small purchases, which are defined as those less than $3000. Orders may not be split to use the Master Card and avoid the purchase order requirements.

The Board of Supervisors must approve all purchases greater than $50,000 and make awards for all formal solicitations. Their meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month.


Any bidder objecting to the recommendation of award, rejection of a bid, solicitation procedures of a bid, or any portion thereof (the Protester), must submit a written protest to the Purchasing Manager. This protest must be submitted prior to the Board of Supervisors meeting at which the recommendation is on the agenda for award or rejection. The protest must be filed with the Purchasing Manager within five business days from notification of the recommendation.

The complete protest policy and procedures may be found in the How to do Business Guide and the County Purchasing Policy.

General Information

Sales persons should initiate all new contacts through the Purchasing Office in order to have an opportunity to discuss how to do business with the County. This will also provide a better idea of which departments may use the goods or services offered.

The County does pay Arizona sales tax. The County is exempt from Federal Excise tax. Other in-state vendors should apply their sales tax rate from the originating City. Out of state vendors should not apply sales tax (unless required by their City) as the County is required to pay a 6.6% Use Tax on out of state taxable purchases to the AZ Department of Revenue. A copy of the state form showing this is available upon request.