How Can I Pay Taxes?

Due Dates for Tax Payments

Tax payments need to be completed or postmarked no later than the delinquent dates listed below to avoid interest accruals. Here are the delinquent dates for 2023 property taxes:

Due Dates Banner 2023

There are a few options listed below you can choose from to pay your property taxes.


There is white drop-box that you can use to submit property tax payments at the following location:

2023  Payments by Check

  **Postmarks are honored on mailed payments.**

Payments by Phone

**Please note that a 3rd party vendor processes all credit card, e-check, debit card, and phone payments. Treasurer staff are not able to take your credit card information over the phone**

Online Payments Opens in new window

    Click Here for Online Payment Instructions.

ACH Wire


Paying Your Taxes

All property tax payments must be made with UNITED STATES FUNDS ONLY. Please reference your Property Tax Account Number or Parcel Number for all correspondence and inquiries. Options include:

  • In Person:Paying in person? ALL in person services have moved from our downtown Flagstaff Office. You can visit us at any of the following locations:
    • Drive-Thru located at 2304 N. 3rd Street in Flagstaff, M-F 8am to 5pm (Closed from 11am to noon)
    • Flagstaff Mall at 4650 N. Hwy 89, inside the mall next to Planet Fitness, M-F 9 am to 5pm.
  • By Mail: Payments by mail must be sent to 110 E. Cherry Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Acceptable payment types are checks, money orders and cashier's check. Please DO NOT SEND cash or coin by mail. Payments by personal check will be processed as an ACH and deducted from your financial institution account the same day the payment is processed by the office of the Treasurer. Be certain to write your Property Tax Account Number or Parcel Number on your check. All checks returned for non-sufficient funds or closed accounts are subject to a $25 returned item collection fee and your property taxes will revert to unpaid status.
  • Online: Electronic payments can be made by visiting Treasurer website.
    Please note there is a convenience fee for debit/credit cards and E-Checks charged by the third party vendor that processes our payments. Be certain to include your Property Tax Account Number or Parcel Number with your payment information.

If you have a Tax Lien on your property please contact the Treasurer's office at (928) 679-8188 or (877) 500-1818.

Additional Tax Payment Information

  • Review your tax notice carefully. The tax collector is not responsible for payments on wrong property.
  • Property owners who have an escrow or impound account with the mortgage company will still receive the tax notice and it is up to the owner to confirm that their property taxes have been paid.
  • If your total tax due per parcel is greater than $100, you have the option to pay one-half of the annual taxes, due October 1st, and then pay the second half, which are due March 1st.
  • Property Taxes greater than $100, for the full year tax amount, may be made in two half payments, multiple smaller payments, or in full. If each half is paid in full, prior to the delinquent date, no interest will accrue. Delinquent dates are: Nov 1st for first half and May 1st (the following year) for second half.
  • On November 1, 2023, first-half taxes are considered delinquent and will begin accruing interest at the rate of 16 percent per year, pro-rated at 1.33 percent per month as of the first day of each month thereafter.
  • On May 1, 2024 second half taxes are considered delinquent and begin accruing interest at the rate of 16 percent per year, pro-rated at 1.33 percent per month as of the first day of each month. (A.R.S 42-18052 Sec. B.)
  • Full year taxes of $100 or less must be paid in full by January 2, 2024 of the tax year to avoid delinquent interest accruing.
  • Note: If the 1st of November or May falls on a non-working day (such as Saturday or Sunday) the delinquent deadline is extended to 5:00 PM of the next business day.