Lake Mary Road Mill & Fill Project: Phase 2

What's New...

22 September 2023: No work was conducted this week on the substantially completed Lake Mary Road Mill & Fill Project: Phase 2. No activity is scheduled for next week.

Project Overview

The Lake Mary Road Mill & Fill Project: Phase 2 includes the milling of existing pavement and the subsequent installation of 1.5” Polymer Modified Asphalt Concrete along two sections of Lake Mary Road totaling approximately 3.6 miles. This first section will run from 1,350 feet north of Milepost (MP) 332 south to 1,670 feet north of MP 329 and will include treatments for both travel lanes and road shoulders. The second section will run from 1,200 feet south of MP 323 to 620 feet north of MP 322 and only treat travel lanes. Both sections will then be restriped. 

  • Status: Preconstruction
  • Estimated Construction Start: October 2023
  • Estimated Construction Completion: November 2023
  • Project Engineer: Coconino County Public Works
  • Project Contractor: C & E Paving & Grading
  • Estimated Construction Cost: TBD
  • Project Start Press Release