Flood-Impacted County Roads

What's New:

14 April 2023: Coconino County Public Works crews have begun filling still-submerged potholes in the flooded Rio de Flag crossing on Herold Ranch Road. Read the press release

Updated: 19 April 2023

Crimson RoadLake MaryWater RisingOpen & Passable: Proceed with Caution

Happy Trails DriveLake MaryFlooded: Water RecedingClosed

Garland Prairie RoadParksWater RecedingRoadway Reopened 12 April 2023: Proceed with Caution

Herold Ranch RoadFlagstaffCrossing FloodedRoadway Flooded - Pothole Filling Underway: Proceed with Caution

Hutton Ranch RoadDoney ParkFlooded: Water RecedingOpen & Passable: Proceed with Caution

Mt. Elden Lookout RoadFlagstaffWater RecedingOpen & Passable: Proceed with Caution

Slayton Ranch RoadDoney ParkDrainage Washout Closed at Townsend-Winona Road: Use Alternate Route