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Candidates Who Have Filed For Coconino County Office

Below is a table of who has filed or expressed interest in running for elected office in Coconino County. Submitting a "Statement of Interest" is the first step to becoming a candidate.  A "Statement of Organization" must be filed if the potential candidate collects and spends any combination of dollars or in-kind contributions above a value of $1,400. The 23-XXX number is the assigned number of the candidate or candidate committee that can be cross-referenced on the Campaign Finance page. The Nomination Affidavit and Petitions are accepted for filing March 2, 2024, through April 1, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. Note: The new filing deadline reflects the change from HB2785, moving the deadline by seven (7) days.  A date in that column will reflect the date these documents were accepted. If no date is listed, the potential candidate did not meet the filing requirements for the office they were seeking. 

2024 Signature Requirements for County Office

 2024 Candidate Timeline (HB 2785 Timeline)        

Office Person FilingPartyStatement of InterestStatement of 
Nomination Affidavit
 & Petitions
Board of Supervisors D1Patrice HorstmanDemocrat01/3/2323-003
Board of Supervisors D1
Larry SchugRepublican01/29/24

Board of Supervisors D2Jeronimo VasquezDemocrat04/07/2322-008
Board of Supervisors D3
Sean GolliherRepublican
Board of Supervisors D3Adam HessDemocrat12/13/23

Board of Supervisors D3Tammy OntiverosRepublican10/012323-007
Board of Supervisors D3Gretchen SloverRepublican08/09/23

Board of Supervisors D3Joseph Wright

Board of Supervisors D4Judy BegayDemocrat04/17/2320-005
Board of Supervisors D4Ross BergstresserDemocrat05/19/2323-002
Board of Supervisors D4Walter BJ DempseyRepublican08/09/2323-006
Board of Supervisors D5Lena FowlerDemocrat05/05/23

Board of Supervisors D5
Angie WilliamsDemocrat01/17/24

AssessorArmando RuizDemocrat01/13/23

AttorneyAmmon BarkerDemocrat03/17/2323-001
AttorneyGary PearlmutterDemocrat08/11/23

RecorderBernadine LewisDemocrat05/15/23

RecorderBob ThorpeRepublican09/01/23

RecorderAubrey SondereggerDemocrat09/25/2323-009
SheriffBret AxlundDemocrat01/03/0323-004
SheriffKevin RiveraRepublican01/12/23

School SuperintendentCheryl Mango-PagetDemocrat12/27/23

TreasurerSarah BenatarDemocrat12/28/2323-005
Page Justice of the PeaceMaia RodriguezDemocrat07/13/23

Page Justice of the PeaceMichael BarnesDemocrat01/05/24

2024 Precinct Committee Person Filing Information

Precinct Committee Persons will serve a term from October 2024 through September 2026.  Precinct Committee Person races will appear on the PRIMARY ballot only if there are more candidates than offices in a particular precinct.  If there are not more candidates than offices in a particular precinct the Board of Supervisors will dismiss the election and candidates will be appointed. 

To run for Precinct Committee Person as a candidate you will need to complete the following documents:  

To run for Precinct Committee Person as a Write-In candidate you will need to complete the following document: 

Running for City or Town Office in Coconino County

To run for a city or town office in Coconino County please contact the clerk or elections department of the municipality you wish to run in.

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