Road Maintenance Division

What's New...

22 September 2023

  • This week’s County scheduled road maintenance operations included routine grading on sections of Brannigan Park Road, Crimson Road, Garland Prairie Road, Government Prairie Road, Herold Ranch Road, Hutton Ranch Road, Pine Aire Access, Pumpkin Center Road, Spring Valley Road North, Stoneman Lake Road, and roads in the Blue Ridge and Kaibab Estates West (KEW) subdivisions. 
  • Roadway resurfacing was conducted on sections of Garland Prairie Road, Old Munds Highway, Spring Valley Road, and in the Blue Ridge and KEW subdivisions.
  • Other work included pothole patching in the Williams area, operator equipment training, water hauling in KEW and on Spring Valley Road, and drainage maintenance in the Tall Pines subdivision.

Navajo Nation Road Maintenance

  • This week’s scheduled maintenance work on the Navajo Nation included grading along sections of the the N16, N6730 and N6732 roads.
  • This week Public Works’ contractors continued working on the surface enhancement project along a one-mile-long section of N6732. This project is slated for completion by the end of this month.

About the Road Maintenance Division

The Public Works Road Maintenance Division is responsible for road maintenance, including snow removal, on County-maintained roads throughout Coconino County. Roadways which must be maintained include regular County system roadways, primitive roadways and numerous other classes of roads maintained through cooperative intergovernmental agreements, including road maintenance services for 286 miles of BIA school bus routes in the Navajo Nation.