Green Waste Reduction = Wildfire Preparedness

CCVP 2017_Willard Green Waste_1 Opens in new windowSpring 2022: Removing green waste from residential properties is a key component of wildfire preparedness. This spring, the County is again hosting three regional community cleanup events to help residents in Flagstaff, Williams and surrounding areas reduce their wildfire risk by removing brush, pine needles and woody debris to create defensible spaces around their homes.

 Another event included the Bear Jaw Community Cleanup, which helped residents in Kachina Village, Mountainaire and Munds Park to mitigate the wildfire risk. In addition, the County’s Willard Springs Transfer Station accepted green waste for free from County residents throughout the spring and summer. 

Collectively, these events resulted in thousands of cubic yards of green and woody waste being deposited at the City of Flagstaff Cinder Lake Landfill, Williams Transfer Station and Willard Springs Transfer Station. At the Willard Springs Transfer Station a record 25,000+ cubic yards of green waste has been collected to date—that’s 1.5 times the amount that Willard Springs normally receives in a year and enough to cover an entire football field in pine needles and other green waste more than 12 feet deep!