Sandbag Information

Timberline/Fernwood Sandbag Map

Sandbag Locations - TimberlineFernwood_06242022

City of Flagstaff Westside Self-Fill Sandbag Station Map

Westside Self-Fill Sandbag Station Map_06252022

Doney Park Sandbag Station Map

Sandbag Station Locations DoneyPark minus OldCaves_06242022


  • Sandbags are intended solely for mitigating flood risk to primary residences, and should not be used for outbuildings, corrals, etc. This is especially important as sandbags are in very high demand and the supply needs to serve as many people as possible.
  • Residents are asked to bring their own shovels and/or buckets to help them make sandbags at all self-serve sandbag stations.
  • The District is unable to load sandbags into private vehicles with forklifts, etc. for liability and insurance reasons.
  • Residents whose homes are identified for flood mitigation and who are elderly or disabled and cannot secure assistance through family or friends should contact the Call Center at 928-679-8525 and request assistance.
  • Sandbagging volunteers are needed right now. Anyone interested in volunteering to assist with sandbag production and placement, including organizations – sports teams, scouting, church groups, and other volunteer organizations – please sign up to volunteer via United Way of Northern Arizona’s Volunteer Hub at United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA) Volunteer Hub.