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Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions

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Contact Your Insurance Provider

It is important for all property owners impacted by the fire to contact their home insurance provider. If you have not already contacted your home insurance, then please do so as soon as possible. Your home insurance provider will likely conduct their own damage assessment process specific to your insurance policy. If your insurance agency requests documentation of the formal assessment conducted by the team of officials mentioned in the above paragraph, then you can do so. 

The State of Arizona provides general information advice about how to navigate insurance coverage for fire-related loss via their Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions:

Any issues with your insurance company can be reported to the State of Arizona at Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions at  

Tunnel Fire Property Damage Assessments  

Tunnel Fire Property Damage Assessment teams were in the field on Monday, April 25, 2022. These teams, comprised of Coconino County Community Development and AZ Department of Emergency Management) staff, formally documented the damage to properties. The primary purpose of this documentation aids in our community requests for assistance from the federal government and other assistance agencies. 

Insurance Best Practices

Insurance Best Practices