Ongoing Virtual Events

2021 tour FB poster
Facebook poster

The Coconino County Sustainable Building Program will host the 17th annual Sustainable Building Tour on September 25th from 10 am to 2 pm.! Find more information here.

The Coconino County Sustainable Building Program hosted the Superpowers of Sustainable Building Scavenger Hunt on September 26th in place of the annual Sustainable Building tour. While the tour date has passed, the tour was mostly virtual so most of the content is still available online. Learn more about the 17 tour locations here! 

Earth Day Flyer

Coconino County has developed an interactive website dedicated to the National 51st Earth Day as an ongoing resource for the community. 

Linked below, the website provides fun and engaging remote activities for everyone, including kids. 

Each week has a specific theme and activities are time-flexible to support diverse schedules.

Full Schedule of Activities!