Parks Roads Reconstruction Project: Phase 1

What's New...

September 23, 2022:

Phase 1 of the Parks Roads Reconstruction Project continued this week with more subgrade work in preparation for the installation of aggregate base course (AB) along sections Old Route 66, Government Prairie Road, and Parks Road. 

Three days of rain delayed the installation of AB along the western portion of the project corridor due to saturated subgrade. AB has been stockpiled along these sections until the subgrade dries out sufficiently to allow for installation, which hopefully will be next week. The roadway subgrade along the eastern half of the project where AB was installed before the rain has not experienced any weather-related issues.

Other work included removal and replacement of the cattle guard near the Parks general store.     

This project is still slated for a mid-October completion. 

The Parks Roads Reconstruction Project includes the replacement of approximately 1.2 miles of deteriorated pavement on Parks Road, Old Route 66, and Government Prairie Road. Replacing the asphalt extends roadway life, increases rideability, and reduces maintenance costs. Funded entirely by Prop. 403, this project also includes shoulder rehabilitation along this stretch of roadway.

  • Status: In Construction
  • Project Designer: Coconino County Public Works
  • Est. Construction Start: September 6 2022
  • Est. Construction Completion: October 2022
  • Est. Project Cost: $1.5 Million 
  • Project Contractor: C & E Paving and Grading