Governing Board

Coconino County School Superintendent and Education Service Agency elections team serves as the filing office for candidates, conducts governing board elections, as well as governing board recall elections.

This office administers governing board elections in compliance with Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S. § 15-421)

**Walk-ins to pick-up election packets welcome Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. To file and collect a petition signature sheet, an appointment MUST be made with Cheryl Mango-Paget at 928.679.8057 or prior** 

Governing Board Vacancies

When a governing school board has a vacancy, whether mid-term or due to the fact that no candidate has come forward to run for the open seat, the Coconino County Superintendent of Schools is warranted per statute to appoint a qualified candidate from the district to fill the vacancy. 

Application of Appointment 

Fillable Application of Appointment

CCESA School Governing Boards

(928) 645-2737

Brian Locke (Flagstaff USD)
Cathleen Garrison (Flagstaff USD)
Charles Sharp (Page USD)
Doug Allan (Flagstaff USD)
Douglas Wells (Williams USD)
Jeanne Crookston (Fredonia-Moccasin USD)
Kay Leum (Page USD)
Matt Yost(Grand Canyon USD)
William Justice (Page USD)

Flagstaff Unified School District #1
(928) 527-6002
Anne Dunno
Carol Haden
Carole Gilmore
Christine Fredericks
Dorothy Denetsosie Gishie

Coconino Community College
 (928) 526-7600
CCC Website
Eric Eikenberry (District #3) 
Joseph Smith (District #5)
Nathaniel White (District #1) 
   Patricia Garcia (District #2)     
Patrick Hurley (District #4)

Williams Unified School District #2
(928) 653-4473
Ann Wells
Carla Dent
Herman Nixon
John Romero
Leah Payne

Grand Canyon Unified School District #4 
(928) 638-2461
Daniel Hendrix
Jimelia Talasyousiea
Kate Densmore
Chalmer "Pete" Shearer

Fredonia Mocassin Unified School District #6
(928) 643-7333 
District Website
Daisy Johnson
Danielle Smith
Guy Finicum
Raymond Christensen

Chevelon Butte School District #5 
(928) 535-4729 
Amy Snodgrass
Christina R. Eng
Evelyn Counsell
Dr. Laurie Hawke
Stephanie McKeever

Page Unified School District #8 
(928) 608- 4100
District Website
Charles Weiss
Delores McKerry
Desiree Fowler
Michael Mangum
Sandra Kidman

Maine Consolidated School District #10 
(928) 635-2115
District Website
Amanda Gordon
Jerome Larson
Kaitlin Cloud
Kodi Mortensen
Scott McClung

N.AT.I.V.E. Tuba City 
(928) 697-2501

Marie B. Acothley

Tuba City Unified School District #15
(928) 283-1006
District Website
Harriett Sloan
Joan Todecheenie
Lee Tsingine
Ronald Begay
Saraphina Adson