Civil Document Service

Types of Documents Served by Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office is charged with serving legal documents originating from the superior courts, attorneys and private individuals. We also assist citizens and attorneys in both pre-judgment and post-judgment remedies by executing on writs of execution, writs of restitution, writs of replevin, writs of garnishment, writs of attachment, etc. 

General Instructions for Requesting Sheriff's Office Service of a Civil Document

All services will require a Service Information Sheet or cover letter giving detailed and specific information to be used to locate and serve the designated person. Successful and expeditious services are our goal and we, therefore, rely heavily on the information that you provide to us. Originator's information also must be completed accurately so that we may notify you of the results of our service attempts.

The Constable is charged with serving legal documents originating from justice court precincts.

If you would like to review Arizona Revised Statutes please visit their website.

Civil Enforcement Fact Sheet

Child Support Documents                       $80.00

Divorce w/o Children                        $80.00

Divorce w/ Children                          $80.00

Injunction Prohibiting Harassment   no fee

Order of Protection                          no fee

Order to Show Cause                       $80.00

Subpoena (civil)                                $80.00

Subpoena (criminal)                         no fee

Subpoena Duces Tecum                  $80.00

Summons & Forcible Detainer         $80.00

Summons & Complaint (Small Claims)     $80.00

Summons & Complaint                    $80.00

Summons & Petition                        $80.00

Temporary Restraining Order          $80.00

Writ of Execution (General)             $300.00

Writ of Execution (Special)              $300.00

Writ of Restitution                            $300.00

Writ of Attachment                           $300.00

Writ of Replevin                               $300.00

Writ of Garnishment                         $80.00

Writ (or Warrant) of Authority           $300.00