Food and Agriculture in Coconino County

Local and sustainable food systems are not only better for our health and the health of our planet, but there are other benefits including, integrated pest management, carbon sequestration in soils, more diverse and varied food crops, increased water retention, hydrological function, biodiversity, and resilience. Additionally, local and sustainable food produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to more industrial farming practices because food is not shipped as far, it tends to be less energy intensive, and sequesters more carbon with healthier soils and more biodiversity. Although Northern Arizona is a dry and arid climate at high elevation, food growing does happen here and quite successfully. In fact, northern Arizona has a long history of food growing. According to the Arizona Department of Agriculture, "agriculture’s history in the Grand Canyon State stretches back more than 4,000 years. Archaeological records show Indigenous people growing gardens to sustain their families."

Local Resources

County specific

Flagstaff Area Farmers and Farmer's Markets

Flagstaff Food Link supports local growers in cultivating a just and sustainable community food system. 

Flagstaff CSA & Local Market for accessing locally sourced food year-round and their map of participating farms. 

Sunnyside Market of Dreams and Farmer's Market located in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Flagstaff. 

Downtown Flagstaff Farmer's Market and Community Market

Northern Arizona Farmer's Markets, Farmers and Ranchers

Diablo Trust

Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture

Pinewood Farmer's Market at Mund's Park 

Page Farmer's Market Facebook Page

Sedona Farmer's Market

Arizona State Resources

Arizona's Good Food Finder makes it easy to buy and support local food across Arizona.