Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Why be Energy Efficient?

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned with energy efficiency. Not only is it the “green” thing to do, but it also keeps dollars in your wallet. By conserving energy and using more efficient technology, you can save money, reduce your utility bill consumption, put less wear on appliances and other energy consuming devices, and benefit the environment. Environmental benefits include: 

  • Less fossil fuel consumption
  • Reduction of human made greenhouse gas emissions, which are scientifically proven to be major contributors to global climate change
  • Reduction of harm to human and environmental health (i.e., less air pollution through fossil fuel power plants, etc.)

Energy Conservation Tips

Simple Efficiency Measures

  • Remove unnecessary fixtures
  • Assess which registers are opened or closed in unoccupied areas
  • Assess if refrigerator doors are sealed correctly and ensure that refrigerators are maintained at the proper temperature
  • Use proper insulation around water pipes
  • Check for air leaks at electrical outlets, switch plates, window frames, baseboards, weather-stripping around doors
  • Seal return air chases with caulk
  • Reduce your hot water heater temperature to 120◦ F. It will conserve energy and is also a safer temperature for children and elders. 
  • Wash clothes in cold water. Most of the energy used in washing machines is from heating the water.
  • Take advantage of the Arizona Sun! Use a clothes line or drying rack instead of the dryer. 
  • Set your thermostat as low as comfortably possible in winter and high as possible in summer. 
  • Use power strips to plug in computers, TV’s, DVD players and other electronic devices. Switch the power strip off when not in use.
  • Turn off the lights and electronics when you leave the room.
  • Put LED light bulbs in lamps and other light fixtures. 
  • Hang thermal blinds in your windows to better insulate your windows and save energy. 

Efficiency Measures for Homeowners and Landlords

  • Measure the R-value of your walls, ceiling, and crawl space; there are contractors who can accurately measure this with an infrared camera
  • Install programmable thermostats
  • Find out what the efficiency rating is on your furnace and replace with something more efficient, if necessary
  • Regularly maintain heating/cooling equipment on a schedule
  • Ensure that appliances have Energy Star certifications
  • Check furnace filters and replace if dirty (change once a month or two)
  • Incorporate ceiling fans to reduce the need for air conditioning. 

Residential Incentives and Rebates

APS Rebates 

City of Flagstaff Energy Efficiency 101 workshop 

City of Flagstaff Energy Rebate Program

DSIRE; Database of state incentives for residential and commercial buildings, broadly covers all incentives offered for every state


County Energy Savings

Responsible and efficient energy use, in services and operations is a priority to Coconino County. The County has taken several measures to reduce energy consumption by retrofitting County owned facilities with more efficient lighting, recommissioning boiler and HVAC systems, reprogramming HVAC systems, installing solar photovoltaic arrays on County buildings, programmable thermostats, and builder user awareness. The collective impact of these efforts over a ten-year time period between 2008-2018 is in electric savings of approximately 5,099,351 kWh of energy or $636,499, and gas savings of approximately 75,000 therms or $66,423.11. The equivalent to:

89 passenger vehicles driven for one year                                                                            629 homes' electricity use for one year

electrician-dmoestic-perth-home-electrical blue passenger vehicle

108, 658 tree seedlings grown for 10 years                                                                                                         

tree seedling clip art                                           

                                            1,461 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled

                                                                                                                                        trash truck