Child Support Payments

Changes for Child Support Payments

The Department of Economic Security is changing vendors for electronic payment cards (EPC). This will affect those without direct deposit who are receiving child support.

The cards for the old vendor, Bank of America, will not be issued after 9/30/2021, but will be available for use until 12/30/2021. It is recommended to spend down the funds on this card prior to that date.

The new vendor, Comerica, will be issuing the new "Way2Go" cards for new enrollments on 8/26/2021. Payments will begin to show up on this card 9/23/2021. Watch for these new cards to be mailed between August 25, 2021 and September 23, 2021.

DCSS Child Support
If you do not receive your card by September 23, 2021, please verify your address on the DCSS Child Support website at If you need assistance or do not find what you need there, please contact the DCSS Customer Service Center at 1-800-882-4151.

Clerk of Court Child Support
To change your address and ensure your card is received, please fill out the address change form and email to You may deliver it directly to the court if desired. 

What do I do if I am unable to activate my new Way2Go card?
Call toll free 833-915-4041 or direct international dial 214-210-2249

Unemployment and Child Support Payments
Unemployment cards are also changing to the Way2Go card. If you are receiving both, you will be mailed one card that will contain both payments.

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