Bike/Pedestrian Safety



Biking rules of the road...

  1. Ride on the right or in the same direction as vehicles
  2. Follow the same rules as vehicles (stop at stop signs, speeds, etc)
  3. Riding on the sidewalks downtown is prohibited
  4. Ride in the bike lane or right side of the road unless changing lanes or passing objects/vehicles
  5. Be careful of the “door zone”!
  6. Use hand signals so vehicle and other bicyclists know your intentions
  7. Be predictable when riding; do not swerve in and out of parked cars
  8. Children should ride with their parents until the age of 9
  9. If riding on sidewalks, pay close attention to driveways and intersections

ABC quick check...

A = air (make sure tires have enough air and are free of cracks or holes

B = brakes (make sure your brakes are working properly) squeeze them to test

C  = chain/crank (make sure your chain flows smoothly to prevent issues while riding)

Quick = make sure the quick release levers (if applicable) are pushed in and not sticking out

Check = Give your bike a once over to make sure everything looks in order


  1. Walk on the sidewalk if possible
  2. Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic
  3. The safest place to cross the street is at an intersection
  4. Pay attention to cars pulling in and out of driveways
  5. Children should walk with a responsible adult until age 9

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