Child Passenger Safety


Child Passenger Safety

Tips for parents...

  1. Children should remain rear-facing until they reach the maximum height/weight limit of their car seat
  2. If using the LATCH system in a vehicle, read your owners manual for the LATCH weight limit.  Remember, the weight is both the child and the weight of the car seat combined.  If over the vehicle limit, you must use the seat belt system. 
  3. 9 out of 10 car seats are installed incorrectly.  If you have concerns, please email or call to schedule an appointment for car seat check
  4. Children should remain in a car seat or booster until they reach age 8 AND 4’ 9” tall.  Perform the seat belt test to determine if they are ready to begin using the vehicle seat belt system.  Seat belts | Safe Kids Worldwide

Car Seat Recycling

Tired and retired car seats can be dropped off at CCHHS, 2625 N. King Street, Flagstaff or at a scheduled car seat recycling event. Events are scheduled twice each year. Serviceable seats are reissued in Sonora Mexico.

Please ensure seats meet these basic criteria for reissuing in Sonora.

  • Seat was manufactured not more than 10 years prior.
  • Seat is in good working order with no missing parts.
  • Seat has not been involved in a traffic crash.
  • Seat is reasonably clean. (No caked-on debris)

If your car seat meets the criteria, you may drop it off at the loading dock in the rear of the CCHHS King Street office.

Please send an email to with any questions or comments.