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October 2021 Update

Coconino County Parks & Recreation and The Literacy Center are pleased to unveil the Storybook Path at Sawmill County Park. The path features the book Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match by local author Monica Brown. The book’s pages are displayed on pedestals at intervals along the path for visitors of all ages to read and enjoy in both English and Spanish. Visitors also have the option to listen to the audio book in both languages by scanning a QR code on their smartphone.

Incorporating a new amenity that combines the outdoors and learning is especially exciting to Coconino County Parks & Recreation. The department plans for and provides a variety of recreational, cultural, historic, and educational opportunities throughout the county, in developed and future parks, as well as natural areas. As evidenced by the department’s new Master Plan, which was adopted in spring 2020, Coconino County residents consider connecting youth and adults throughout the county to life-long learning a key opportunity for parks and recreation. Storybook paths, also called storybook trails, have been growing in popularity across the country, and are often the result of a partnership between local parks and recreation agencies and libraries or non-profits, just like Coconino County Parks & Recreation’s partnership with The Literacy Center.

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Our Commitment

We engage the public in delivering quality parks, equitable community partnerships, diverse recreational opportunities, and distinctive natural areas and open spaces. Our vision is to enrich lives through exceptional parks and programs.