Employee Benefits

Open Enrollment 2019 begins May 13 and end May 29 at 5:00pm

Here's how you can obtain more information to prepare you for your Open Enrollment…​
Visit the Online Benefits Center at www.napebtbenefits.com
or by calling 1-800-307-0230 for login and/or password resets
Click here for instructions on how to log onto the Online Benefits Center. 

Attend Open Enrollment meetings during the month of May (see schedule).
Enter your wellness points at the New Wellness portal www.mywellsite.com/NAPEBT
For information on how to get started, check out the Benefits Roadmap...a Guide to Online Enrollment

Human Resources will have a drop in time to ask any questions you may have on Wednesday, May 29th from 8:30 am to 4:30 pmIf you have questions before then, please make an appointment to chat with the Human Resources Department by calling (928) 679-7100.

Below are the documents that were mailed to employees in April 2019:

Summary of Benefits

The County focuses on community projects in Northern Arizona. If you have an interest in contributing to the community and seek a rewarding career, you have come to the right place! Our County seat is located in Flagstaff, Arizona, a city at an elevation of 7,000 feet with 60,000 inhabitants. Flagstaff boasts a unique blend of history, culture, and breathtaking beauty. The city is nestled amongst the backdrop of Ponderosa Pines near the San Francisco Peak Mountains. This community has miles of bike and walking paths and is known for its outdoor sports including skiing, kayaking, fishing, and camping and can offer a relaxed quality of life.

Click here to download a document with our Benefits-At-A-Glance.

For More Information

For more information, contact Human Resources or call 928-679-7100 or 800-559-9289.

Northern Arizona Public Employees Benefit Trust (NAPEBT)

Coconino County is a member of the Northern Arizona Public Employees Benefit Trust (NAPEBT). NAPEBT was formed in 1993 to provide a comprehensive and cost effective benefits package by combining resources and leveraging the buying power of a group of public employers. Purchasing benefits through NAPEBT has increased our ability to sustain a better benefits package long-term than would have been possible individually. To access more complete information regarding benefits, log onto their website.

Full-Time Standard Benefits

New full-time employees work 30 - 40 hours per week. Our standard benefits for full-time employees are listed below:


All new employees are required to attend New Employee Orientation Parts I and II. You will receive notification as to the time and place.


Coconino County provides a triple option medical plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona available to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week.
  • Buy-up Plan: PPO Plan Deductible - $750 Single / $1,500 Family
    • Employees who elect this plan contribute a small amount of the premium. The County subsidizes a portion of the dependents premium.
  • Base Plan: PPO Plan Deductible - $1,000 Single / $2,000 Family
    • The County contributes 100% of employee premium and subsidizes a portion of the dependent premium.
  • High Deductible Health Plan / HSA : $1,750 deductible Single / $3,500 deductible Family
    • The County contributes 100% of employee premium plus contributes to an HSA or FSA and subsidizes a portion of the dependent premium.

Vera Whole Health Clinic in Flagstaff

To schedule an appointment, call 928-774-3985
Address: 1500 E Cedar Avenue, Suite 80, Flagstaff, AZ 86004 
Website: verawholehealth.com/NAPEBT 


Dental insurance is available to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week through Delta Dental.
  • Base Plan: $1,000 maximum annual benefit
    • The County contributes 100% of employee premium
  • Buy-up Plan: $2,000 maximum annual benefit
    • Employees who elect this plan contribute a small amount of the premium.


A core eye exam benefit through VSP is provided by the County for regular employees working at least 30 hours per week. Two additional options are available at the employee's expense:
  • Employee only - prescription eyewear buy-up
  • Employee and family - prescription eyewear buy-up

Life Insurance

Coverage is through Minnesota Life Insurance Company:
  • $40,000 coverage of life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance is provided by Coconino County to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week.
  • Voluntary life insurance may be purchased for the employee, spouse, and children.

Effective Date of Coverage

  • Insurance coverage begins on the first day of the month following a full calendar month of employment.
    • Example: If you are hired in the month of January, your coverage will go into effect March 1.
  • You must complete enrollment paperwork during the first month of employment, preferably at New Employee Orientation Part I.

Changes to Coverage

Changes to coverage elections including dependents may only be made during open enrollment in the month of May (effective July 1) or within 31 days of a qualifying event such as marriage, divorce, birth, or death.

Retirement Systems / Long-term Disability

Coconino County is a participating agency in four retirement systems:
  • Arizona State Retirement System: Employees working at least 20 hours per week for 20 weeks or more
  • Correction Officers Retirement System: Employees in certain positions with Sheriff's Office, Juvenile Court, and Adult Probation working 40 hours per week
  • Elected Officials Retirement System: Individuals elected to public office
  • Public Safety Personnel Retirement System: Employees in certain positions with the Sheriff's Office working 40 hours per week

Optional Payroll Deductions

The following payroll deductions are available:
  • Tax-Deferred Compensation Plan 457: This option is voluntary and available to all regular employees.
  • Short-term Disability, Cancer Insurance, Accident Insurance: This voluntary option is available through Aflac.
  • U.S. Savings Bonds

Flexible Spending Accounts

This voluntary benefit is available to all regular employees working at least 20 hours per week. This pre-tax option will reduce taxable income.
  • Health Care Reimbursement Account: up to $2,650 per year
    • If enrolled in an HSA, Limited FSA applies
  • Dependent Care Assistance: up to $5,000 per year

Health Savings Accounts

This is a voluntary benefit available to employees enrolled in the High Deductible Health plan who are not also covered by Medicare, or another non high deductible health plan. Contributions are on a pre tax basis subject to an annual maximum of $3,450 for an employee with single coverage, and $6,850 for an employee with family coverage. The maximum contribution limit is a combined total of employer and employee contributions. Amounts within a health savings account may be used on medical, prescription, dental, and vision expenses. Unspent money rolls over year after year.

Employee Assistance Program

Counseling services are provided by Coconino County for employees working at least 30 hours per week.
  • Six counseling sessions per year at no cost to the employee
  • Sessions may be used by employee and members of the immediate family
    • (family members do not have to be dependents on medical insurance to utilize this service)

Additional Benefits

The following additional benefits are available to all regular employees:
  • Accidental and disability insurance
  • Credit Union membership
  • EcoPass bus program
  • Holidays
  • On-going training opportunities
  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Pre-tax deduction plan
  • Sick
  • Supplement life insurance for employees and dependents
  • Tax-deferred investment program
  • Vacation
  • Wellness program

Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

This law went into effect June 1, 1987, and you must show the requested identification and work authorization documents.

Benefits Revised

These benefits were last revised on March 18, 2019