Building with Alternative Methods and Materials

Innovative Materials and Systems Pilot Program 

The Innovative Materials and Systems Pilot Program allows rural owner-builders of small innovative dwellings the option of seeking an exemption from some aspects of currently adopted building codes.

The purpose of the Pilot Program is to support community members who are interested in utilizing sustainable and innovative building methods, materials and systems that are outside the scope of prescriptive building codes. Building codes exist to ensure the safety of the built environment, but are limited to mainstream construction. This can sometimes stifle innovation and sustainable building practice. Click here for more information about this program.

Permitting of Specific Alternative Methods- ATAG

While building codes don’t prohibit the use of any method or material, approaches that fall outside the scope of the building code can be challenging for code officials to evaluate. To address the need for the further evaluation of alternative methods and materials, the Sustainable Building Program worked with the Building Division to develop an Alternative Technology Advisory Group (ATAG). ATAG has reviewed numerous alternative methods. For more information on permitting specific alternative methods of construction, click here .