Hazard Mitigation Plan

A Plan for Reducing Disaster Risk
Coconino County is developing a Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan or MJHMP. The purpose of an LHMP is to:

1) evaluate the threat posed by natural disasters; and 

2) establish a county-wide strategy for managing that risk. 

This plan will allow Coconino, and the communities within it, to receive both state and federal hazard mitigation grants and disaster relief funds. Moreover, it will guide County efforts to minimize the impact of disasters and climate change on residents and businesses.

Public Input is Critical
Public input and feedback are crucial to building an effective MJHMP. This is because hazard mitigation is a whole-community effort. Everyone has a role in keeping Coconino safe! As such, there will be multiple opportunities for you to share your thoughts, concerns, and interests. However, the first step is to help us understand YOU.

Help Us to Help You
Fill out the survey at the below link to share your thoughts on key disaster issues and tell the county how it can best help your household prepare for a natural disaster. All survey answers are anonymous and will only be used to help develop the county’s disaster management plans. Additional comment/answer space is available at the end of the survey if you need additional space.