Inspection Services During COVID-19

Site and building inspections are still being performed and can be scheduled either via telephone or through the portal.

We strongly encourage our customers needing physical indoor inspections of occupied structures to use our video inspection service, which includes the replacement of furnaces and hot water heaters. If a video inspection is not at all possible, then staff will make reasonable accommodations to perform the inspection and will follow CDC guidelines for public safety. This will require access to the area without coming in contact with anyone.

The following types of inspections are available to be performed using the video inspection service:

1. Electric trench
2. Water trench & pressure test
3. Gas trench & pressure test
4. Hot water tank replacements
5. Furnace replacements
6. Minor corrections to All Trade Inspections (approval must be documented by the original Building Inspector)
7. Minor corrections to Final Inspections (approval must be documented by the original Building Inspector)
8. Insulation inspections (certificates must be emailed to the Building Inspector)
9. Building wrap and window flash
10. Minor trade inspections for remodel permits

Building Inspection Areas & Phone Numbers

Building Permit Inspections

  • Inspection requests must be submitted no later than 3:00 PM MST the day before the requested inspection date.
  • Our goal is to schedule all requests for inspections, that are received on time, by 4:00 PM MST each day.
  • Please note that there is no guarantee that the date you request will be the actual inspection date.
  • Permit By Inspection - please contact the Lead Plans Examiner for more information on this option.

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